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  Live your best life in paradise Buka Buka Island, Central Sulawesi  

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Access to
Buka Buka Island

To access Buka Buka Island, the easiest way is to book a direct flight from Palu to Ampana (40min).

We'll meet you directly at the airport and bring you to Reconnect with our private fast boat (car + boat ride = 30min).

Important notes:

- You can book online flights to Palu, from Jakarta and Makassar

- The flight to Ampana is scheduled every Friday and Monday around 11AM, and we will help you book it locally.

About us

In 2019, after 3 years living in Bali, a friend invited me on a journey to Central Sulawesi, where I discovered the remote Buka Buka Island.

Instantly, it awoken in me this childhood dream of living on a private island "one day". And I realized this day, may be that day.

I decided to create a place where anybody could come and live an authentic island experience. Away from today's noise, distraction and chaos.

Today, I live there with my Indonesian wife, where we host travelers from all around the world, and share with them our little piece of paradise.


Contact Reconnect

Any question or request before planning your trip to Buka Buka Island? Feel free to reach out, we'll be happy to help!

Please note that we do not accept walk-ins, and we recommend to book 1 month in advance, to make sure we have spots available.

Reconnect - Private Island Resort

Address: Buka Buka Island, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Phone/WhatsApp/Telegram: +62 822 9146 0001 

Email: hi@reconnect.id

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You're on a remote paradise island, great. What can you do now?

Whether you are the active style, or prefer to just chill with a book, we prepared various experiences, for you to enjoy the island lifestyle at your own pace.

From a snorkeling boat trip around the island, to trekking to the holy water or our signature overwater BBQ experience, we got you covered.

Island experiences evolve over time, so feel free to reach out to see what's available when you're here.