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Reconnect - Private Island Resort on Buka Buka Island Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Reconnect Island:

Private Island Resort in Indonesia and Getaway to the Togean Islands

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Living the authentic private island experience in Indonesia

Imagined as a natural paradise, Reconnect island is the only resort on the stunning Buka Buka Island – a private heaven at the door of the Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi.

Reconnect - Private Island Resort on Buka Buka Island Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Beachfront accommodation

Every day, you get to marvel at the sunset over the gulf of Tomini from your beachfront villa or glamping room. All-inclusive weekly stays starting from 300 USD per pax. 

Reconnect - Private Island Resort on Buka Buka Island Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Eco Resort Facilities 

Stay at an eco-friendly hideaway merging modern comfort & sustainability. 

We source the freshest marine products locally from traditional fishing techniques.

Reconnect - Private Island Resort on Buka Buka Island Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Getaway in Nature

Immerse yourself in nature, experience a true remote island living & reconnect with yourself only 30-min by boat from the nearest airport.

Our Private Resort Island Exclusive Activities

Snorkeling on Buka Buka island will make you discover a wide variety of marine fauna and a very rich coral topography, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned snorkeler.

The whole island is surrounded by amazing reefs, and if you're lucky, you may even spot some rare fish species, turtles, mantas, and sea horses.

Snorkeling in Reconnect - Private Island Resort on Buka Buka Island Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Buka Buka Island – Your Easy Gateway to the Togean Islands

Discover the allure of Buka Buka Island, a hidden paradise providing easy access to the renowned Togean Islands. Nestled near the Togeans, our resort offers a serene retreat and optional adventures to the nearby archipelago, creating the perfect island experience.

Effortless Island Getaway

Located just a stone's throw from Ampana city, Buka Buka Island boasts hassle-free travel for guests. With swift connections to the mainland, you can begin your unforgettable vacation as soon as you arrive.

Optional Excursions to the Togeans

Buka Buka Island offers a wealth of experiences, but for those craving additional adventures, we provide private boat trips to explore the captivating Togean Islands. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking sights and unique activities of this stunning archipelago.

Unwind with Modern Comforts

Our resort combines the serenity of island life with modern conveniences. Enjoy solar-powered electricity, eco-friendly desalinated water, phone signal, and Wi-Fi while you unwind in our peaceful haven. At Buka Buka Island, we ensure your stay is both relaxing and connected.

The Ideal Island Base

Choose Buka Buka Island as your home away from home while you explore the wonders of Central Sulawesi. Delight in our tranquil resort and the opportunity to discover the nearby Togean Islands – creating the ultimate island getaway.

Experience the perfect blend of accessibility, comfort, and Togean Island adventures at Buka Buka Island – your easy gateway to this magnificent archipelago.

What did our guests think of their island experience?

Katharina, Germany

"Such a beautiful place to reconnect with yourself, find peace, and being such in a beautiful space 🤍


The resort island is stunning, the food is delicious and everyone is super friendly here.


Beach Bungalows are clean and you fall asleep in the surrounding of waves, totally peaceful. Highly recommended"

Tailor your private island resort experience and discover the beauty of Central Sulawesi

Tell us about your ideal getaway to a private island so our team can make it happen.

Latest News From Paradise Buka Buka Island

Reconnect island's blog is where we share the latest updates and news about our private island resort. We will also share general updates about how to access Central Sulawesi, what to do in the Togean Islands, etc.

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